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Firstly to introduce myself to you all my name is Peter Josef and I am the Publicist, Radio Plugger and Strategic Alliance Representative for Bergstein Entertainment in Melbourne, Australia.

Now as I seem to always get asked ‘what does Bergstein Entertainment do’ I thought I can use this news source initiative on our website to explain as briefly as possible what we do.

Firstly Bergstein Entertainment is one of Australia’s most pro active and successful radio promotions companies in servicing all musical genres from Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, Dance, Country even World Music.

We have a high QA on the artists we service and the results we achieve for our artists speak louder than words with clients currently in the charts, most played on radio etc

Myself personally I have been in the music industry for many, many years in servicing music for some of the best unsigned / signed artists around to commercial Radio and TV networks on all media fronts.

Now if you are an artist and want to reach out or looking into having someone service your music to Radio/ TV then your at the right place!

Please feel free to review our radio promotions page for further insight into our plugging services and service regions..

Peter Josef
The Radio Plugger

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