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Making Á Stand Towards The Demise of Our Live Music Scene!

Making Á Stand Towards The Demise of Our Live Music Scene!

With an ever changing live music scene that was once the home to some of the best live music venues, Australia has somewhat shunned away from its live music culture
within the past decade. With venues closing down at an alarming rate and the remaining live venues opting to support alternative entertainment, the days of going out to see a live band are unfortunately becoming a part of this country’s sub cultural history.

Original artist and entrepreneur Ráv Thomas is one of those artists being affected by the changes. Having played well over 4000 shows in his musical career, Ráv Thomas has made a stand against the dwindling live music venues by opening his very own entertainment business Ánthem Touring & Entertainment.

The business model for Anthem Touring is unlike any other promoter or booking agent. The company is not built for ‘ticket profit’ and takes $0 commission from the artists sales or merchandise, leaving the artist with 100% profit in earnings from every ticket sold. Ánthem Touring & Entertainment currently focuses on live original music and gives original artists from upcoming to well established an opportunity to play at some of Melbourne’s best venues such as Village Green, Bridie O’Reilly’s, Palace Hotel, Merchant Lane to name a few.

“The industry is desperately searching for a new model as the old method of drawing fans and generating income has now become all but irrelevant. We believe our model can help to provide part of the answer. Artists at all levels have seen considerable hurdles to the level at which they can generate income from selling recorded music. We are, & always have been, in a difficult and dynamic industry, and we need to keep trying to find ways for everyone to benefit.” Ráv Thomas

Ráv Thomas and Ánthem Touring & Entertainment have teamed up with major sponsors Mackie, Dean Markley & Digitech to continue to bring the best original live music back into venues.

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