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Queen Unseen

Queen Unseen is a unique account of the many exciting years as a young man Peter spent on tour, in the recording studio, on video shoots and day to day life at home with one of the world’s biggest and best ever rock bands.


It is an insightful, enlightening and mostly humorous account for anybody who has ever wondered what working for Queen, or indeed most rock bands of that era really entailed….. the highs and the lows. It is not a chronological history or definitive biography of the band, but a personal story of what it was like to spend your youth travelling the world and living the rock and roll lifestyle – to the full!


There are NO lurid details of the band’s private lives. There is plenty of sex and drugs and rock and roll – and of course everybody knows it happened…. Peter Hince makes observations and comments about all the fantastic places he visited and played, and what it was like living, at times, a crazy and surreal existence.



The book covers all the areas that were relevant in Queen’s working life, during my time as Queen’s longest serving roadie and head of their crew. There is lots of new material and surprises for Queen fans and it is a book to interest anybody who likes stories of rock and roll life in the 1970s & 1980s.


There are photo sections in the book that contain colour and black & white images from Peter’s successful Queen The Unseen Archive show that was exhibited in London and Australia recently.


To order a signed copy for £17.99, (UK P&P free – overseas P&P£3.00)Please contact John Blake Publishing Ltd with your name, address and contact number on 020 7381 0666 (mon-fri) or email for interview opportunities.

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