Bergstein Entertainment & Co is proud to announce the thrilling new single from one of Australia’s hottest rising stars, DJ Senn. Having won multiple awards from Yamaha Music Awards to Australian Radio Network Songwriting Awards via TTFM, DJ Senn has penned music for the Sydney Olympics theme song “Power To Shine”, Australia Day Celebrations song ‘This is Australia’ & ‘Have I Told You’ which was picked up by Guy Sebastian as an (un-released) record.

DJ Senn not only known for his original compositions has collaborated and performed all types of music styles, and has been fortunate enough to work with some of the best musicians and singers Australia has seen. DJ Senn’s latest track ‘Mysterious’ features a blend of funk, pop & classy hooks from start to end.

‘Mysterious’ is about experiencing frustration, anger and mixed emotions in getting to the bottom of knowing a mysterious girl, with an aim to use all the craftiness its gonna take to break this mysterious pretention. “I was challenged to write a song from a hook line (which is the guitar riff at the start). I normally write from an idea either musically or lyrically, so it was something I’ve never done before and once I had the groove, the idea for the song “Mysterious” popped into my head and the song progressed from there.” DJ Senn

The track was produced by Andrew De Silva (CDB) & written by DJ Senn at Believe studios in Melbourne. Mysterious is scheduled for radio release on Monday 23rd March and available for download through all good music stores on Thursday 26th March.

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