At 13 years of age, Ani-K (Anica Karu) is not only a talented singer but a fantastic lyricist/songwriter. All of Ani’s songs have a fresh new vibe to them and focus on issues tweens like her, face on a daily basis.

Ani has written songs about bullying, self-image, self-esteem being a happy-go-lucky teenager, the importance of having good friends and many other topics close to her heart.
A proud ambassador for ‘Bully Zero’, Ani is a young role model for Youth. Ani recently accepted a youth radio presenter position at Pirate88 Fm.

In 2014, Ani was a special volunteer guest on Foxtel with her own segment called Kidzbiz with Ani-K. During that time Ani has recorded approximately 12 shows with topics ranging from children in detention centres to interviewing the producer of the documentary “I am Eleven” which recently aired in New York.

Ani has recently collaborated with rapper “Fred Day”, veteran singer “Steve Clisby” and none other than the talented Chew Fu (Lady Ga Ga, Timbaland, Mariah Carey) for a string of remix’s. In late May 2016, Ani is scheduled to release her first single ‘Love Like That’. The single is a collaboration with Stuart Stuart (Shepparrd, Veronica’s) and is the first track being released from her upcoming album which will be released later in the year.

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