Altiyan Childs Art (Facebook Cover Art)


**Australian The X-Factor Winner**
**ARIA Winner for Highest Selling Album**
**Take 40 Best Australian Artist**
**Take 40 Most Popular Australian Artist**
**Certified Double Platinum Album Sales – Aus/ NZ**
**Sanity Music’s Quickest Selling Artist in History**
**Runner-up Favourite X-Factor Contestant of All Time (International Poll)**
**AIMVA Winner for Best Rock Video “Headlines”**

“Celebrity” is a tongue-in-cheek look into the views of being a celebrity.Being “famous” has become a job description in its own right and the phenomenon of celebrity worship is at an all time high.
Stepping out of the media shadows and into the independent lime light, comes the return of Altiyan Childs. With an accolade of success under his belt, Altiyan is one of Australia’s most prominent artists.

Rising to the top and winning The X-Factor and taking out numerous prestigious awards, Altiyan Childs celebrates some of his strongest material to date. At 3.12 in length ‘Celebrity’ explores the essence of socialite angst, controversy and Black & White mentality.

“The song is laced with humour and makes a joke of some of the things that people will do and have done to become the centre of attention.’
Altiyan Childs

Produced by Altiyan Childs & Daniel Rivers, mastered by Paul Stefanidis, Celebrity is scheduled for national service on Monday 30th June and available through all good online music stores on 4th July.

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